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Book A Phone Call - BREAKTHROUGH

Book A Phone Call - BREAKTHROUGH

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You want more - We have

Join my 3 Days - VIP Power Event Paid event.- talk to us first before you book this event coming up.

  • New dates to be confirmed. 2023 at 1:00pm - 2:30 pm ET
  • New dates to be confirmed. 2023 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
  • New dates to be confirmed. 2023 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
How To Master Your Inner Voice
How To Master Your life
You Are Unique
So Is
Your Life.

SO, It’s the price of 3 dates nights for:

- A drink and nachos…

- A drink and smoked salmon…

- A movie ticket and popcorn…


ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY? How to be really happy...

ARE YOU LIVING IN FEAR AND ANXIETY? How to be free from fear... How to stop anxiety any time that happens!

How to master your life... Do you want to make more money next year then what you're making this year? 

Do you want to be more fulfilled? 


  • What to do, step by step, using proven techniques. To Master Your Inner Voice, To Master Your Life - and You Are Unique So Is Your Life…

Discovering my TRUE PATH that can be applied to anyone’s life, I CARE to share simple ideas on HOW to discover and WHEN to trust your INNER VOICE❤️

Happiness and Joy is FREE is a state of mind - Wellness is key to a fulfilling life.

Since 2 years during pandemic, I couldn’t practice my business.

I was inspired to pursue my second dream which I’ve been preparing for without me knowing for 2 decades… then I launched my first book and obtained a publisher deal for its world-wide distribution. And All that happens because of the exact thing that im teaching…. Most importantly, I used the principles that I am teaching in my programs to achieve my goals.….

    BOOK my 3 Day - Power Event Breakthrough!

    and let's share in finding our own path and sharing our success.

    May the new path bring you peace, love, health, 
    and joy into your life 
    And for your family & friends.
    That is my purpose!
    my calling for you and for the world

    Here’s my personal story; from my studies in psychology I learned the theory of human behavior but from my life experiences I learned the power of listening and following my inner voice. I realized that I have a profound intuitive power, a voice that lead me to my success and to the launching of my coaching program and first book “ A Poor Mindset to a Mastermind” lead to my first publisher deal in 2022.

    By asking members HOW, WHAT, and WHY their life is where it is today… and having them record their own answers.

    By outlining my personal success story and providing a step-by-step guide, my program will show readers how to become who they’ve always wanted to be, how to regain their motivation and never give up, and what to do to reach their goal.

    Comparing a Growth Mindset to a Fix Mindset:

            GROWTH MINDSET

    • “ Failure is an opportunity to grow ”
    • “ Challenges help me to grow “
    • “ Feedback is constructive “
    • “ I can learn to do anything I want “
    • “ My effort and attitude determine my abilities ”
    • “ I am inspired by the success of others “
    • “ I like to try new things “

           FIXED MINDSET

    • “ Failure is the limit of my abilities “
    • “ When I’m frustrated, I give up “
    • “ I’m either good at it or I’m not “
    • “ My abilities are unchanging “ 
    • “ I can either do it, or I can’t “ 
    • “ I don’t like to be challenged “ 
    • “ My potential is predetermined “ 
    • “ Feedback and criticism are personal “ 
    • “ I stick to what I know ”

    Trust the Process

    After the Eight-week program, You will reset your life and awaken to your potential while shifting into a Mindset of Positive thoughts.     You will Inspire yourself to be the best you can be; Thriving and Loving your life Unconditionally. What can follow a life of Real Love, Real Success, a Healthy Mind, and Amazing Relationships with Colleagues, Friends, Family and Your Children.

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    Programs by Caroline Hallak

    Author - MindSet Coach

    How To Master Your Life - You Are Unique So Is Your Life…