"Book" A Poor MindSet To A MasterMind

"Book" A Poor MindSet To A MasterMind

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A Poor Mindset





Master your life

Master your inner voice

Use your intuition and understand

The influence of your subconscious mind on your life path.                                        You are unique so is your life!

Caroline teaches the reader how to understand the influence of the subconscious mind,
and by utilizing her techniques on a daily basis, the reader will gain mastery of their inner voice, intuition, self, and life.

Today’s generation is growing faster than ever. We Want more in our lives is the new 20th century. In order to achieve more, WE need directions on how to do so with simple ideas simple techniques, and simple steps. 

      My book will communicate inspire encourage and give voice to those who are less fortunate.

By following my step-by-step guide, you will reach your goals.

          Theory is one thing and action is another, Reading about success stories is wonderful, but learning to achieve success on a daily basis is the most important story of your life.

          My life was a challenging one, but by listening to my inner voice and intuition, which was truly my own guided me down my path and was the answer to achieving my own life dreams. This strong internal voice knew what needed to be done.

       I will teach YOU how to listen to the strong internal voice, You will learn how to create. A new life for yourself.

           I’ve compiled a manual of the strategies I used, breaking them down into simple techniques steps and guidance, in one book as the best way to help anyone that wishes to attain their own life success story. 


    My courageous sense of survival kept me going, and the love for my daughter kept me asking for more for both of us. I wanted to comfort her through divorcing her father and though I was alone, she needed to know known of it was her fault. It was a difficult thing for a child to understand.

    Because at seventeen years old, I knew in my heart what was right and wrong in my marriage, but I was stuck in the middle of a marriage controlled by his extreme stubbornness and possessive jealousy. All from his own insecure personality, unaccomplished dreams, but I didn’t know any of that then… all I was searching for is the WHY?? WHY IS HE MAD, WHY HE IS JEALOUS WHEN I’M NOT GIVING HIM ANY REASONS TO FEEL JEALOUS? My first mistake was that I thought I could help him and survive my marriage as an Armenian Catholic. We have no divorce, and frankly, it didn’t cross my mind—not even a day before I asked for one.

    I had to learn, like you, that the only person that could change my life was me.

    I was already dreaming big, confident in my heart I deserve more, I choose education for myself, to learn every day and not stop.

    All my dreams are connected to my passion and my passion is connected to my purpose… I chased my dreams…  What are yours?

    May the new path bring you peace, love, health, 

    and joy into your life 

    And for your family & friends.

    That is my purpose! my calling for you and for the world.